Last weekend London was alight thanks to its first Lumiere Light Festival. Billed as the biggest-ever light festival to ever hit the capital and supported by the Mayor of London office, the last Thursday to Saturday evenings were  host to a series of international artists whose works were exhibited all around central London and illuminated the city from 6:30pm to 10:30pm each night. Roads were closed and an almost carnival like atmosphere was present when I ventured out on Saturday evening.

One of the coolest and most popular installations was Janet Echelman’s 1.8 London. A huge series of nets that were strung up over Oxford Circus. An interactive installation, downloading an app allowed visitors to interact with the colours on display. Hauntingly beautiful it seemed to just float above the busy junction.


Another extremely popular and busy site was Porte par le Vent’s Luminéoles Installation. Originally displayed at Lyon light festival, these LED lit fish seemed to just gently float and glide above Piccadilly. The road closures ensured we could take our time and really enjoy the sight.


Nearby Grovesnor Square was home to this illuminated Benches from artist Bernd Spicier. His aim is to install 100 such benches around the world with the hope they will help people  spark conversation.


Also in the Square was one of my favourites and one of the more underrated Installations. An old phonebook had been transformed into a fishtanks with the help of small projectors. All 3 sides were illuminated and it was a very good illusion that they managed to pull off. _20160116_190653

The projection by Patrice Warrner was by far the most spectacular. mapping the existing facia and then engulfing them with colour. Slightly psychedelic but jaw dropping none the less.


Sadly I didn’t get to Kings Cross which had a slew of installations however maybe it was for the best. Word got  around that due to overcrowding quite a few exhibits were being turned off and people were being ushered on. The immense turn out means this will definitely happen again and hopefully be bigger and better.




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