In an Instant

Impossible is one of those companies that prove having a passion about something and doing it right can lead to incredible things. What started as a fan group for Polaroid Film enthusiasts has grown to reinvigorate the instant camera market (you’re welcome Fuji) and now take things to new heights. The all-new Impossible Project I-1. It’s the company’s very first camera, or, as they put it, “The Original Instant Camera. Reinvented.”It debuted today and it’s a camera that stands at the junction between nostalgic pleasure of the analog instant cameras  and digital control that has the defacto way we use cameras today.the-impossible-project-i-1-camera-001-960x640

Using Impossible type 600 film—which was reverse engineered from the now discontinued Polaroid 600 film, the “advanced ring flash” automatically adjusts based on ambient light and focus distance, the battery is USB rechargeable (hurray for modern technology) while a companion app allows you to connect to the camera via bluetooth giving you full manual control over aperture, shutter speed, and flash settings.angle2-800x400

With the right marketing it will be interesting to see how this fares against  Fujifilm’s Instax series of cameras which have been a huge success recently.The app’s ability to do things like double exposures and long exposures may just tip the scales in Impossible’s favour.angle1-800x400

The Impossible Project I-1 is set to arrive May 10th attached to a £230 price tag.


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