Soundtrack to my life

This schizophrenic so called british summer is playing with my very last nerve right now and I have no travel booked until the end of August. Luckily music is helping to fill the void and at least fool me into thinking it’s summer via my Headphones.

First up is True Jackson (Disney kids TV show, don’t ask) herself Keke Palmer. Only 22 she seems to have been around for a while now but this is the first song of hers i’ve actually paid attention too. While this particular song isn’t on her current album (yet) it is a melodic banger.


Kaytranada’s debut album 99.9% is finally here and it was worth the wait. Doing what he knows best is always a good way to go as far as i’m concerned. Sadly there aren’t videos  to every song off the album but one of the stand out tracks off the album has been given the visual treatment and it sees Kay himself getting down with a robotic friend.


The Odd Future crew are finally refining their craft and reaching the potential many saw in them. Dom Genesis released this as the lead single from his latest album, Genesis. Enlisting man of the hour Anderson Paak for the hook this is ideal BBQ/chill out music.


At some point over the past few years nearly every member of  the Lessondary crew has received some praise or been part of my playlists. They have finally teamed up and released their debut album Ahead of schedule and not before its time.
This video is a introduction of sorts to the crew and their skill. grab the album and definitely grab the back catalogue from each member.


Fly Union’s Jerreau always seems to know what beats to pick.


The Homey DJ Cuzzin B has just released his latest Average White Band mixtape.
Volume 7 includes the likes of Level 42, Tom Misch, Portishead and everything in-between. you can grab Volume 7 HERE!! and download the others while your at it.


DJ Cuzzin B also has THIS!! summer mix available for those lazy hazy days.
Your 2 for 2 Bobby!!f4d0-0cee-436e-87ae-94780360e890-2.png




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